How It Works

System Architecture

Using GPS satellites, the ESP3000 is capable of determining very accurately where it is. The GSM cellular network provides both voice and data connections to the ESP3000 from anywhere in the world via telephone, mobile phone, and the Internet.

Once the system is ARMed should an alarm event occur, the ESP3000 will look to its database to determine the actions, that you want undertaken in these circumstances.

Typically the unit will turn on a piercing 120 dBA siren, which should scare away most intruders. In addition other attention attracting events can be configured such as turning on an Optional Strobe Light, Flashing interior/exterior or running lights. Next the system will read the pre-defined contact list and begin sending messages via Text Messaging, email message, and then finally by telephone call. The pleasant sounding synthesized voice will announce that there is an important message for you. You will be given an opportunity to enter your PIN code after which the current status will be presented. At that time you can take further actions, reading the position, or other status points to determine if the alarm needs immediate police response.