Basic Kit

SilverTip Marine products, our ESP series of Boat Alarms, Boat and Yacht Security Systems, and remote monitoring systems actively fight boat and equipment theft and increase your chances of recovering your boat.

Every year tens of thousands of boats are stolen, with very few ever recovered. Boats are stolen from almost everywhere: from back yards, from front driveways, from marinas, from service yards, and even from motels on the way to or from vacation.

However, theft of the boat itself is not the only risk. Increasingly thieves are targeting equipment and electronics on boats in marinas. Outboards and tenders are favourite targets as they are easily transported and even if secured with chains or locks, are rarely monitored by security systems or boat alarms.

Theft is not the only event that can cause the loss of a boat. Every year boats sink where they are moored in marinas. A failed through hull fitting can eventually overpower a bilge pump or cause the bilge pump to drain the battery and sink the boat.

The solution is to use a security system for your boat that monitors not only entry points on the boat, but also important status points such as bilge water level, battery voltage and even temperature. A boat alarm is not enough. A two-way remote monitoring system will keep you informed

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